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Welcome to the unofficial Air Force Engineering & Technical Services (AFETS) website. This website is intended to share information about the AFETS program.

Mission Statement:

"Air Force Engineering and Technical Services professionals... Providing experienced and dedicated technical support. Delivering the world's most combat responsive and mission effective technical advice, assistance and training to Combat Air Forces units- - anytime, anywhere."

AFETS in the News:

AFETS employee receives "Civilian of the Month Award" at his forward deployed location

Deployable Civilians Provide Valuable Expertise (link to OSD.MIL)
Snippet: "They are Air Force Engineering and Technical Services civilians who work shoulder-to-shoulder with the active-duty force, providing continuity and years of expertise to aircraft maintenance and communication units Air Force-wide."

Civilians in Harm?s Way (link to AFA.ORG)
Snippet: "Air Force Engineering and Technical Services civilians work alongside the military in Iraq, providing maintenance services for a wide range of Air Force aircraft and computer and communications equipment."


AFETS personnel provide expertise and training to the war-fighter to quickly resolve and understand complex technical problems concerning aircraft and communication technologies.

"The Air Force must maintain its weapons systems and equipment to meet mission operational needs at a reasonable cost. To do this, units need the capability to quickly resolve complex or unusual technical problems and provide enhanced system-specific technical training to Air Force technicians and operators. It is not cost effective to train all technicians to this high level of expertise. Therefore, the Air Force authorizes Engineering and Technical Services (ETS) programs to accomplish these critical technical tasks. ETS is provided by both Contractor Engineering and Technical Services (CETS) and Air Force Engineering and Technical Services (AFETS)."

* Provide field engineering, technical advice, assistance, and training for maintaining operating unit equipment.
* Investigate equipment failures and mishaps and train personnel to prevent
* Develop contacts with contractor, depot, and AFMC engineers, technicians, managers to resolve maintenance problems, design deficiencies, and supply problems.
* Develop special test equipment and maintenance procedures to resolve complex problems.
* Perform emergency maintenance (direct assistance) on equipment when manning shortages prevent accomplishment by other assigned personnel.
* Advise the unit OPR on the best utilization and management of CETS.

Air Force Instruction 21-110, Engineering and Technical Services Management and Control


AFETS supplies field engineers experienced in Aircraft and Communications to the following Air Force Major Commands and Bases:

* Air Combat Command (ACC) - Langley, Shaw, Davis Monthan, etc...
* Air Education & Training Command (AETC) - Tyndall, Randolph, etc...
* Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) - Wright-Patterson, Robins, Robins, etc...
* Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) - Schriever, etc...
* Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) - Hurlbert Field, etc...
* Air Mobility Command (AMC) - Scott, etc...
* Air National Guard (ANG) - Andrews, etc...
* Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) - Hickam, Osan, Kadena, Guam, etc...
* United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) - Aviano, Lakenheath, Ramstein, etc...


All AFETS personnel are Emergency Essential (E-E) and deployable, just like normal active/reserve duty military members.

DoDD 1404.10 provides for "...the involuntary assignment of civilian employees to E-E positions as may be necessary to meet the exigencies of the circumstances and when unforeseen contingencies prevent prior identification of those positions as being E-E." This policy, however, has not been tested in court. Air Force policy is to deploy only civilian employees who either have agreed to accept E-E positions or who are volunteers."

More information:
AFPC - Civilian Readiness (Mobilization)
OPM - Labor-Management Relations

Employment Opportunities:

If you are interested in employment opportunities please visit the Air Force Personnel Center and create a resume with the Air Force Resume Writer:

When finished send the resume to the AFETS Home Office:

11817 Canon Blvd. Suite 306
Newport News, VA 23606-4516
Phone: DSN 574-9366 / Commercial (757) 764-9366
FAX: DSN 574-9385 / Commercial (757) 764-9385


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